Welcome to the Zelda Cast, where this week, we’re not really talking about Zelda! Well, that’s not entirely true, but this week’s show is all about the sequel to one of the best new franchises we’ve played in recent years: Horizon: Forbidden West! Listen as we explore our thoughts on what this sequel did differently than Tears of the Kingdom, being an open world sequel itself, and what areas Forbidden West did better, and what areas Zelda came out on top. Plus, we talk about the new machines, the character acting, the music, performance and accessibility, and much more, and then end it off with a SPOILER heavy dive into the story, the characters, and setting up for what comes next!

Forbidden West and Tears of the Kingdom are two sides of the same coin, so consider grabbing it if you haven’t already! PLUS – come listen to Andy’s new podcast, The Spiteri’s Review! Join the Discord and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!



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