With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just over the horizon and a legion of fans ready to brush up on their fighting game skills, gaming accessory manufacturer HORI has announced a new line of GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Dubbed “Classic Controllers,” these swanky gamepads will feature designs inspired by popular Nintendo franchises, including Super Mario, Pokémon, and — most importantly — The Legend of Zelda.

HORI’s Classic Controllers for Nintendo Switch boast a lightweight design and textured handles, allowing for a better grip when playing titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The controllers are wired and will connect to the Switch’s dock via USB. And players will also be able to reassign the Z/R and ZL/ZR buttons. We definitely appreciate the Zelda-themed controller, which features a black color scheme and a prominent Triforce design.

The controllers will cost ¥3,218 yen ($26.77 USD). There are currently no plans to release them outside of Japan.

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Source: Japanese Nintendo (via My Nintendo News)

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