hqdefaultBack in 2012, ahamling27, a map maker over on Curse.com, started releasing alpha versions of a Terraria map based on A Link to the Past. This past March, it finally released from alpha stages, and has fully released! YouTuber HERO, known for his extensive channel of How-To and Let’s Play videos based on Terraria, has begun a Let’s Play of the map. The map is also downloadable, and supports multiplayer, so join with your friends to venture through nine dugeons, fight through bosses and parkour trials, and save Hyrule!

Hit the jump for the first episode of HERO’s Let’s Play, and for download links.

HERO already has three episodes of the series out so far, and will have more soon, so subscribe to him ito keep up with the Let’s Play. For those that begin playing Terraria 1.3 when it releases on June 30th, and have not yet donloaded the map, it will reportedly be updated for that version. ahamling27 also says he plans on releasing another map for version 1.3, so if you like this map, look forward to that.

You can download the map to play though yourself on the project page over at CurseForge.com.

Will you download the map to play for yourself? Do you look forward to more episode’s of HERO’s playthrough? Drop a comment below!

Source: YouTube, Curse Forge

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