Hello everybody, and welcome to today’s edition of Gossip Stone! This time around, I want to talk about Link’s transformations throughout the series, three in particular. The three I’m talking about are the painting, the wolf and ALL the masks. These three transformations really added something special to their respective games, and they really got their time to shine in puzzles. There were some areas you could only reach by becoming a painting in A Link Between Worlds. You could use your enhanced sense of smell as a wolf to locate hidden objects in Twilight Princess. You had to use different masks in different areas to accomplish many tasks that would be impossible without them. So now that all that stuff is out of the way, let’s move on!

So first of all, in these next three paragraphs I’m going to be explaining what you can do with the transformations. They might be a bit brief, but hopefully it can help you decide which of these are the best. So first of all, we have the masks. What do the masks do? Well, the answer to that is simple: they do many things. Because there are so many different masks, I’m going to narrow it down to four, the Deku mask, the Goron mask, the Zora mask and the Fierce Deity’s mask. The Deku mask is the first one you get and it allows Link to transform into a Deku scrub. As a Deku scrub Link can temporarily fly as well as hop on water. He can spin to attack as well as shoot bubbles. The Goron mask allows Link to take the form of a Goron. As a Goron Link has a powerful melee attack and can ground pound as well as roll. The Zora mask let’s Link become a Zora. As a Zora, Link can swim underwater, he can fight using both melee and ranged attacks, he has a shield and can attack underwater using an electrically charged dash. Finally, when Link wears the Fierce Deity’s mask, he becomes the Fierce Deity. While in this form Link is the size of a grown adult and he can shoot projectiles from his improved sword and he does a LOT of damage. All in all, these transformations are pretty cool.

Now let’s move on to the wolf. In the beginning of Twilight Princess Link can only become a wolf when he enters a twilight zone. About halfway through the game however, Link gets the ability to transform into a wolf at will and it helps a lot. He can collect scents to track down enemies, friends and hidden objects. He can also dig for keys and mechanisms to open doors. To attack in this form Link can either melee attack them or lunge at them from a distance. Link can also rip out the souls of poes in this form which is vital for a 2nd half side quest.

Last but not least we have the painting. After Yuga imprisons you in the wall at the end of the Eastern Palace, Link get’s the ability to move in and out of walls as a painting, thanks to Ravio’s bracelet. While in a wall you can go through tight space and you can go places you would never be able to go normally. You can’t attack while in the walls except for in the final fight. Moving in and out of walls is a key element in A Link Between Worlds as you would not be able move freely between Lorule and Hyrule without the ability.

Now that I have listed three abilities and explained them, which of them do you think are the best? Let your thoughts free in the comments below!

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