Ocarina of Time 3D has been out for long enough for most of us to know the kinds of changes they made from the original Nintendo 64 version when porting to the 3DS. There were some widely praised 3DS-exclusive elements, like the addition of the Boss Rush mode, but a few things are not totally accepted. In Majora’s Mask 3D‘s case, there are several more elements of the game that Nintendo could decide to change, even if they should stay the same. Whether we like it or not, the developers are gonna get creative this time around, so what might they tweak? Join the discussion after the jump!

1One thing that really worries me is Nintendo’s view of what is “too hard” for players. In Ocarina of Time 3D, many were quite happy with the addition of the lit-up, colored lines on the walls of the Water Temple, showing players the right way to go, since the original game’s Water Temple was quite difficult for many people. Though, many others saw it as Nintendo dumbing it all down too much. The Water Temple was a real challenge, and if we wanted it spelled out for us, honestly, Googling a walkthrough would be a fine option, rather that forcing answers on us. This makes me think that they might go too far, and change the time mechanics in a way that makes things easier, like lowering the default speed of passing time, or even somehow allowing you to regain time. Small things like what we saw in Ocarina of Time 3D are likely still changed, like more potent healing fairies, Shiekah Stones’ hints, and more hints from Tatl.

oot3dbotscrOn the note of streamlining things, perhaps some real good can come out of Nintendo’s wish to make things easier, like perhaps making saving the game possible anywhere, without the need of the owl statues, or tweaking the controls of Goron Link’s rolling. Even some better contrls and gameplay for certain instances of the game would be nice, like in the often enraging fight with Gyorg.

As for things that are less likely but would still be nice, adding some extra sidequests would be a nice change of pace. While Majora’s Mask is, in a manner of speaking, almost entirely based on sidequests, there could easily be more, with certain masks being made useful that were previously rather pointless. Maybe we could even see some different masks from before. That would be surprising.

While there are plenty of things that we can eagerly hope for, there are many things that are likely quite easy to guess will be changed, so what do you guys think? What are you expecting to be different in the 3DS version of Majora’s Mask?

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