KnucklemasterFear is a subjective thing. What is scary to one person may be only mildly annoying or even amusing to someone else. Even so, there are lots of things in the Zelda franchise that are generally accepted as just plain scary. Click through to see the content of all your Legend of Zelda nightmares.

The moon from Majora’s Mask is routinely described as nightmare fuel. It’s big, it has a nasty evil face, and it is headed straight for you, the player. The fact that it is moving relatively slowly only adds to the sense of impending doom.

You know what else is scary? Redeads. Sure they look like the demon offspring of a zombie and a mummy, but it’s their soul piercing screams that are truly chilling. So many banshee screams. They literally freeze your character with fear.

Maybe this scene from Twilight Princess haunts your dreams:

Do I need to say anything more about that?

My personal pick for single scariest thing in the Legend of Zelda: disembodied hands. Somebody at Nintendo has a thing for disembodied hands. When I played through A Link Between Worlds I avoided Skull Woods as long as humanly possible to avoid the hands. Floormaster, Wallmaster, Knucklemaster; I hate them all.

So readers, what is the number one nightmare inducing thing in the Legend of Zelda franchise? Dark Link? The entirety of Majora’s Mask? Being engaged by Ruto? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!