If you’ve been reading Zelda Dungeon for the past few days, you’ll know that Alex at GenGAME has been playing through Darksiders II, which Mases has labeled as “the best Zelda game since Majora’s Mask.” And now that Alex has finished his play through, he seems to agree with that sentiment.

All of the details are in his review, so hit the jump to read!

First, you should probably check out Alex’s earlier article: 5 Things In Darksiders II That are Missing From Zelda. His mid-game thoughts set the foundation of his full review, and though not much has changed in Alex’s overall feelings about Darksiders II, this piece is a nice augmentation to the review.

The review is split into segregated sections which cover different aspects of the game. Each is focused on a judgement of the game directly, and a few times Darksiders II is directly compared to more popular games, especially the Zelda franchise. The sections are:

  • Prioritizing Dungeons, Exploration, and Combat
  • Outstanding Level Design
  • A Satisfying Cel-Shaded Style
  • Customization Galore
  • Descending into Glitch Hell

And of course there’s a final verdict with a score. If you’re interested, check out Alex’s review on GenGAME.

After reading the review, I more understood what Alex was trying to convey with his thoughts about Darksiders II. Though I was skeptical at first at comparing a hack-and-slash/RPG heavy game with the Zelda series, now I understand more how these mechanics were implemented. I can see how Nintendo could pick out the good things Darksiders II brought to the table, and hopefully Zelda will benefit in the long run.

I hope when I can get my hands on a Wii U, I’m able to pick up a copy of this game, and I can see for myself what exactly it is in Darksiders II that has Mases and Alex so excited. Until then, I’ll just have to trust their judgement; it hasn’t failed me before!

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