The new ghost lantern in Twilight Princess HD is explained in a new video by GameXplain, along with footage of the lantern being used. This new item now allows you to be able to detect if there are any poes in an area at any time, day or night. While you still have to wait until night time to actually catch the poes, this lantern is extremely helpful since many areas are very large. There also isn’t a feature to tell you just how many poes are in a given area, but the lantern does go off if you’ve cleared the area of any remaining poes.

The lantern isn’t given to you upfront when you start your quest for poe-searching, but is instead given to you after you find 20 of them and check in with Jovani. This might seem like a drawback for some, but it’s a step up from not having any sort of way to track them. Each area, according to the video, seems to be any time the game loads a new area. No special fuel is needed for this lantern, either, which is convenient. I’m pretty excited to get to try it out — this makes the poe quest a much less daunting challenge.

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