With only a modest amount of released information on the upcoming Majora’s Mask remake, the only thing fans can do is speculate on what the game could possibly have in store. Recently, the team over at GameXplain took the time to share their thoughts and impressions on the remake in a roundtable discussion. They touch on a range of topics, from pacing changes to boss tweaks to the possibility of new dungeons.

The discussion offers more than a few interesting opportunities for streamlining the Majora’s Mask experience. For example, I think utilizing the 3DS’ touch screen to make the Bomber’s Notebook more intuitive would be a fantastic addition. Even adding cosmetic changes to the game through Amiibo support would be fun.

GameXplain also speculates on ways to improve Majora’s Mask‘s save system, perhaps by removing the owl statues in favor of saving anywhere, anytime. I can see this type of overhaul removing a lot of frustration with the game’s three day time limit. But it could just as much negatively affect the pacing many already appreciate in MM. With the debate of how much or how little to alter the game already in place, these types of changes are excellent topics for us to dissect.

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