The Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda system has released just in time for the holiday season! The retail price is $49.99 USD and is available on the Nintendo website here.

Featuring the classic Game & Watch design, this system comes preloaded with three Zelda titles. The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: Adventure of Link, and Link’s Awakening are all available to be played. And as a bonus, the console also contains a special edition of classic Game & Watch game Vermin¬†starring Link!

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda is not only a game console. The system also functions as a clock and timer with multiple Zelda-themed skins and features. Have a minute to spare? Pick up the console and take control of Link to fight off enemies on the watch or timer screens.

I for one will be picking up my own “Zelda & Watch” — will you? Let us know if you want your own in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo of America

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