Can you actually obtain the Triforce in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? In an early beta video of Ocarina of Time, fans can see Link travel through a demo dungeon in which it concludes with Link opening up a treasure chest and obtaining the Triforce. Sure this was only the beta version of the game, but when Ocarina of Time actually hit shelves in 1998, fans quickly started the search. Since there was a spot on one of your inventory screens where the apparent Triforce would fit, some gamers fully believed it was an obtainable item. That search on occasion brought up wild rumors, but the triforce was never found to be true. The folks over at GameTrailers have investigated this long lost mystery in their latest episode of Pop-Fiction.

So there you have it, the triforce is not an obtainable object. At this point, I’m not sure if it really quite mattered whether or not it was obtainable through some Game Shark glitch or whatnot. What’s most memorable about the triforce search isn’t the search itself, but rather, the lasting effect it had on the series and online community. I was still new to the Zelda Community when Ocarina of Time released, having not really become involved in the online world until 1999. That being said, I remember seeing all the crazy theories about how you can obtain the triforce. I never tried all of them, but the manipulated screenshots and elaborate steps you had to take in order to get the triforce seemed like overwhelming evidence that it was hidden gem.

Fan websites were talking about obtaining the triforce for years. Seriously, years! This search, along with a number other items that were removed from the beta version of Ocarina of Time, caused an entire sub-community to form within the online Zelda world. These sites were dedicated almost exclusively to the beta versions of Ocarina of Time and finding glitches, secrets, and all sorts of other goodies. Heck, former Zelda Dungeon webmaster Chrono, who now runs Zelda Chronicles, was an example of a person and site dedicated to just this. His site was featured in the Game Trailers video and if you head on over you can find a full collection of Ocarina of Time Beta Screenshots, including ones of Link obtaining the triforce in the beta dungeon.

So what do you guys think? Were any of you around the community back in the triforce searching days? Have you guys tested some of the crazy theories that were presented? Did you actually think the triforce was obtainable? Be sure to let us know by posting in the comments below.

Source: GameTrailers
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