Last Crown Warriors, a Game Boy Color game developed by Light Games, has gone live on Kickstarter. The game draws inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, while introducing new aspects to gameplay. As the developer notes, “With an overhead-style and controls inspired by the Zelda and Mana series, it is in fact the very first Action-Tactics game for the 8-bit handheld, a genre that combines Action-RPG combat with Real-Time Strategy elements.”

The project has already exceeded its goal of €18,000 ($19,901 USD); at the time of this article’s publishing, the Kickstarter project has raised €26,654 ($28,270 USD). Physical editions of the game will be available in tiered variants: standard, limited, and collector’s.

The game director behind the project, Imanol Barriuso (also known as Imanolea) has been “creating small Game Boy homebrew projects for seven years and started Light Games with the idea of bringing these projects to their fullest potential.”

A demo of the game is available for download here.

To back this Kickstarter project or to learn more about it, click here.

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Source: Light Games (via NintendoLife)

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