Another year, another batch of rumors that in all likelihood are false. I start it off like this not because we have any real reason to doubt The Hidden Triforce or their source, but just based on our own experience in reporting on E3 rumors about the Zelda series these past 7 years. I have learned a lot over the years about vetting sources, ensuring that any rumor that originates from our site is something we can put some real faith in. That being said, The Hidden Triforce has recently gotten some information that seems almost too good to be true.

  • Zelda Wii U, while previously pushed from the E3 event list will still make some kind of an appearance. Official art and a trailer will be shown. Nintendo changed their mind as in attempt to sustain momentum for their Wii U console.
  • Zelda Wii U will work with several different Amiibo models. Using an Amiibo will provide Link with a daily item that he can use. For instance, Link can be given a fairy or a potion-like power-up. This ability can only be used once a day.
  • Zelda Wii U will support both the GamePad and the Wii U Pro Controller.
  • There will be a form of fast travel within the game. The overworld is so large that riding a horse or walking simply is not feasible later in the game. While Epona has been shown to avoid obstacles on her own, fans would quickly grow weary of sitting around waiting. Nintendo wants to avoid complaints similar to the sailing in The Wind Waker.
  • Ganondorf/Ganon will not be the main villain. Similar to Skyward Sword, there will be some kind of connection to the game’s main lore, but a new foe will appear.
  • The Wii U GamePad controller will allow gamers to scan the environment and to take notes to be referenced later.
  • The game will feature a lot of “darker” themes, similar to what we saw in Majora’s Mask. NPC will have a more icons role than some of the recent titles. There will be more of an emotional connection.
  • While not surprising, the game will have different sets of overworld enemies for night and day times.
  • Zelda Wii U will feature Gorons. Zoras have not been seen yet, but there will be at least 2 new “races”.

The above rumors come from a GameStop employee (reportedly) who had a conversation with their Nintendo rep (reportedly). Having reported on these sort of rumors before, even when we knew beyond a doubt the source did work at GameStop, reality is that there is no real reason to believe these. Eiji Aonuma has stated the game will not be at E3 – but I felt like we would not be doing Zelda fans justice ignoring the possibilities presented.

Setting these rumors aside, do you think Zelda U is going to make an appearance at E3? If you’re curious, there are a few more rumors about some other Nintendo games you can find at the source link.

Source: The Hidden Triforce

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