First 4 Figures: Wolf Link and Midna

First 4 Figures, a company that makes top-notch collectable figurines, have released a teaser image for a new figurine from their Twilight Princess series of figurines. Pre orders for this newest piece begin on the 30th of November.

Just a couple of months ago, the the company released a Zant figurine. A review and detailed look at the Zant figurine from our forum user “basement24” can be seen here.

The teaser image shows small details from the hand crafted sculptures. We can see the fine craftsmanship and the stunning accuracy that is evident in every piece from the company:

Teaser Image

Click here for a full resolution image and be sure to check out the First 4 Figures website for more awesome Zelda figurines.

Pretty sweet. eh? The details look amazing, and the piece which will be over a foot tall would look great in any Zelda collection, but will you get it? The price tag on these items can be a bit steep, but I’ve never heard of an unhappy customer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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