Zelda Wii ArtworkAll that we have seen thus far from Zelda Wii is a piece of concept artwork, and that was almost one year ago. Yet even with the very little knowledge we have about the game, fans over at our Zelda Forums are already speculating as to where they want Zelda Wii to fit within the Zelda timeline.

I think Zelda wii should be a sequel to majora’s mask because it hasn’t had one yet. I think the game’s plot should be that link is going back to hyrule…

One such prequel could be one that explains the origins of Majora’s Mask, which would actually sound pretty interesting. There really is no detail behind Majora’s Mask except for quotes from the Happy Mask Salesman and other sources throughout Termina.

My guess, based on the style of the game, is that it’s either a sequel to TP or is in some way connected to the events of TP.

Knowing how Nintendo works, I wouldn’t be shocked if Eiji Aonuma came out and said that this was the earliest story in the Zelda series. A Link to the Past became the earliest story in the Zelda series when it was released. Then Ocarina of Time became the earliest story in the timeline upon its release. Since then Eiji Aonuma has mentioned that Four Swords was the earliest Zelda title. It’s widely believed that the first two Zelda title on the NES are all the way at the very end of one the split ends of the timeline. Who would have thought that even after 20 years we have yet to get a chronological sequel to the Adventure of Link… or perhaps we have and we just haven’t made all the connections?

One thing is for sure: the minute we get any storyline details at all concerning Zelda Wii, Zelda theorists alike will be all over it, speculating where it can fit in and already stating how the speculated placement contradicts other parts of the Zelda Timeline. Only time will tell.

Head on over to our forums and check out the Zelda Wii forum to see more Zelda discussion, or if you are into the theoretical world of Zelda, be sure to check out our Zelda Timeline Theories forum as well as our Mysterious of Zelda. Let us know where you’d like to see Zelda Wii fit into the grand Zelda Universe.

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