Spirit TracksRemember when Spirit Tracks was all the hype? The forums are looking back to that time and discussing if all of that hype was for the right reason. It’s commonly debated the Spirit Tracks is one of the lesser Zelda games in the series, and everybody is pitching in their own ideas. This week’s featured thread is Spirit Tracks Afterthoughts. What did you end up thinking about the game? Do you think it was over-hyped for what you ended up getting? Register on our forums and tell us what you thought about this portable Zelda. Here’s what some other people thought to get you started.

“The Tower of Spirits – I personally found it very easy and I liked controlling Zelda as a phantom. The puzzles were challenging it even took me a few potions to beat the final level. I know some people didn’t like the tower of spirits but I did overall.”
     – jack546

“Ah! The final boss was refreshing I actually died once on his final form. The Zelda series has lacked some final boss difficulty(as well as other bosses) mostly due to the fact that they only had one or two forms. Malladus having multiple forms was fun and pretty tough the first time around, although your not completely clueless so you can beat him your first time around with potions.”
     – Peace of Heart

“After playing it throughly the first time and going back to play the game again, I felt like I’m not challenging myself, and I feel like I am wasting my time going through all the dungeons again when they were all easy, same thing with the bosses.
The only thing that is difficult is when playing the Panflute with the Lokomotives. Everytime I try to play that tune, the game tells me I’m doing it wrong. It is irritating.”

     – Ms Hellsy

A lot of people do appear to have some good things to say about the game, but I feel like a lot of people give the game more praise than it should be receiving. It may be a good game, but it’s not up to par with what I would have expected from a Zelda game. I feel that the hype was much too great for a game that seemed so disappointing. My main problem was probably with the story and the Tower of Spirits. The story was strong at the beginning and end, but it lacked severely in the middle. The Tower of Spirits was the Temple of the Ocean King with some minor improvements. I never liked the central dungeon idea to begin with, and this turned me away from the game even more.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what people are talking about, why not formulate some of your own ideas? We encourage you greatly to head on over the forums and voice your opinions for everybody to hear and discuss!

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