Ocarina of Time is worth its weight in nostalgia. As a child, losing myself in a full 3D version of Hyrule was the greatest thrill of my life. However, the way I remember things in my mind’s eye isn’t exactly how the game looks on Nintendo 64. The technology from 1998 doesn’t exactly translate well in a 2020 world; details and minutiae were created with more in mind than the software. Thankfully, some intrepid fans have given us an HD glimpse of an iconic temple from this much loved title.

Nostalgia YouTube page How I Remember¬†used the power of the Unity game engine to recreate Ocarina of Time‘s Forest Temple. Only the exterior has been rendered, but it lets your mind wander with possibilities. Light and shadow contrast beautifully in a way that just isn’t possible on N64 hardware. Foliage comes to life, while pollen and lightning bugs swirl around you. Even the carvings of the “Minuet of Forest” are clearly visible on the Triforce pedestal — a perfect compliment to the rendition by Hylian Ensemble, which plays throughout the video. When I think back, this is how I remember first seeing the temple, despite the 1998 reality.

One exciting scene at the end of the video shows what might be a render of the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time. If we’re lucky, we might see this dungeon in HD glory at some point as well. If it can boast as much stunning detail as this version of the Forest Temple, we’re certainly in for a treat.

What do you think of this Forest Temple render? What memories do you have from your first Ocarina of Time moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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