It excites me to see that almost every week, consistently, we have another fan share their work to be featured on Fan Fiction Friday. I enjoy getting the opportunity to showcase your work and promote your stories, along with the positive feedback that is received. So before we get started, let me thank you all for your continued support. Last week, we got a peak into the future of Hyrule through the eyes of writer LinksLily with her story “According to Legend”. If you haven’t taken the time to check that one out or missed last week, it is definitely worth your time to go back and read it. This week, we delve into a new adventure that breaths new life into a somewhat familiar story.

Link is a young thief notorious in all Hyrule, but, when war threatens to break out, he is unwittingly thrust into the fray. Sent out to collect the three spiritual stones, Link pays a terrible price for his journey, the loss of his voice. When love blossoms during his journey, will Link be able to protect the one he loves? Or die trying? –


It doesn’t take long for us to become acquainted with the heroes of the story. A descriptive narrative, interesting characters, and a nice blend of story mechanics all play a part in making “Silence is Golden” by K’ger an easy story to get into. It’s an old story of “bad guy turns good” but keeps you entertained as you recognize familiar characters and settings from

Zelda. The story is in it’s thirty-fifth chapter with five more (and two epilogues) to go! Be sure to read this one along with me and see it through with K’ger to the end.

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and don’t forget to submit your own work or others you suggest. You can either submit them below with the rest of the comments or send them to me in a direct message with the details you want shared. See you next Friday!

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Image: Dayu

Note: As always, please refrain from hating on fan made works in the comments section. While some may not enjoy works posted by our fans, others will, and we wish to keep a friendly environment for all fans of the Zelda series. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we want our fans to feel safe in sharing work they have passionately created here on Zelda Informer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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