It’s simply amazing what dedicated fans can do with amiibo. We’ve shown off some awesome-looking custom amiibo on the site already, such as this Link and Skull Kid infused amiibo. My personal favorite is this jaw-droppingly gorgeous Deku Link amiibo!

Today I’d like to show you guys this highly detailed custom-painted Fierce Deity amiibo, masterfully created by Kiimao on Imgur. Aside from the image above, you can see a full gallery of high-quality images at the bottom of the page.

I count at least 19 colors for this custom job, but I’m no expert when it comes to the color palette. Regardless, the artist used a lot more colors than your traditional amiibo. That may be why it is so pleasing to the eye, because it is very different from the regular line of amiibos.

Do you think the artist did a good job representing the Fierce Deity? Have you ever considered making your own custom amiibo, or are you afraid of messing up? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Imgur

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