Hello again, readers of the Zelda Informer website! Today marks the debut of the twentieth edition of the Fan Art Showdown, and as a result, we’re featuring a face that’s brand new to the Showdown. This Week’s match-up puts Princess Styla, who is a character from the newly released Tri Force Heroes game, for the Nintendo 3DS, against the ever-lovely Princess Zelda. Before we get into this week’s showdown, let’s talk about Week 19, which if you’ve missed you can find it here.

Week 19 Winner – “Midna With An Oddity of A Left Arm” by Jeffrey Swagmaster

Jeffrey, you are the master of swag… Zelda swag that is. Congratulations on winning with another killer papercraft.

It’s truly an amazing sight to see hardcore fans of the franchise come out with all sorts of cool creations, such as Midna Papercrafts! You can submit your own to us, by emailing them to us! If you choose to make the bold move and put yourself out there, please be aware of these basic rules:

  • Anything submitted to FAS must not contain anything that can be considered over PG-13.
  • All submissions must contain a TITLE and your ZI Username (if applicable, we also accept DeviantArt usernames as well).
  • If you’re selected don’t brag about it, and if you’re in the lead, don’t bash your opponent over it. This is a clean competition.
  • Submissions must be related to the Zelda franchise (Super Smash Bros. and cross-overs are okay too).

Without further adieu, let’s dig in, shall we?

#1 – “Styla” by Ksmanga01

Princess Styla is a brand new fact to the Showdown, and a new face to the Zelda franchise. Styla, in this piece appears to be smiling in a rather bashful manner. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic piece of art!

#2 – “Twilight Princess” by Smolb

Princess Zelda, the wise ruler of Hyrule shows a serious facial expression that screams seriousness. Whatever she’s up to in this piece, she definitely means business. This piece can also be found on on DeviantArt here.


It’s been a few weeks since our last encounter with the Fan Art Showdown, but fear not for in the coming weeks Fan Art Showdown will be getting a major overhaul. What does this mean? It simply means we’ll be changing the way things run here in the Fan Art Showdown. Before any of the actual changes are applied, Fan Art Showdown will continue to run in this format until things are ready to go, we’ll be publishing an article about the upcoming changes when the time is right. In the mean time, you can once again send in your artwork! Send it to us at fanart@zeldainformer.com for a chance to have your own creation featured in a future installment of the Fan Art Showdown.

EDIT: Credit to skilarbabcock for his awesome Link/Shadow Link drawing used in the thumbnail. Your piece will be coming up VERY soon in the Fan Art Showdown.

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