Something about the Zelda music makes it perfect for rock and metal covers. The tunes always retain their epic, orchestral nature, but the fast, layered melodies translate really well when played with heavy electric guitar. A few weeks ago, YouTube guitarist Deku Knight released a medley of Ocarina of Time tunes, collecting a few songs from the game and transforming them into a head-banging guitar track.

The medley starts slow with the Ocarina of Time title theme, easing his two guitars into the mix before exploding with the Kokiri Forest theme. I’m a fan of metal tracks that hit listeners hard about a minute into a song, so this transition was a welcome surprise. My favorite part of Deku Knight’s medley is the Hyrule Field section; I’d love to hear a full version of theme performed by this awesome musician. The song moves through the Lost Woods and Market themes before ending with Zelda’s Lullaby. After listening to the arrangement, I have to say I was very impressed with the quality.

You can check out other Zelda covers on Deku Knight’s channel, such as a thrashing Dodongo / Volvagia Boss theme and NES Zelda dungeon theme.

What are your thoughts on the medley? Are there any Zelda tunes you’d like Deku Knight to cover in the future? Share with us in the comments.

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