Have you ever asked yourself: “How would the Legend of Zelda series be different if our infallible, green-clad hero touted a three-foot long firearm?” It may just be a question that has lingered in our collective consciousness since 1986. Luckily for fans everywhere, animator Chance McMichael on YouTube recently showed us exactly what Link would do with a gun in this hilarious fan animation.

It seems that with a high-caliber weapon at his side, Link would swiftly and easily thwart Ganondorf’s evil schemes. No need for a long, tedious quest involving the Master Sword; a gun is all Link needs. Created in Source Filmmaker, McMichael’s animation works very much like a Robot Chicken sketch. Short, goofy, and a little bit ridiculous, the video is well worth a laugh and a few dozen repeat viewings.

Ganondorf: Guns are dangerous.”


You can watch Chance McMichael’s other animations on his YouTube channel, including a great Nintendo Direct short.

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