FacebookIt brings me great pleasure in saying that the Zelda Dungeon Facebook Page has hit 2000 fans! (Argh… I mean Likes). It took us nearly 10 months to get our first 1000 likes, but only three months to get our second 1000 likes.

A big thanks goes out to Joseph, our Facebook Coordinator, who handles most the posts over at Facebook, including the posting of news, cool pictures and videos, and various discussion topics. If you aren’t a liker of our facebook page, be sure to become one today! We are constantly adding new material and it’s a great way to interact with both the fans and staff of Zelda Dungeon.

Lastly, coming up in about a month or so, we have a huge announcement here at Zelda Dungeon that greatly involves both our Facebook Page and YouTube Account. I promise there will be lots of excitement when the time comes. Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook for subtle clues over the next few weeks!

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