With the recent announcement of Majora’s Mask 3D, it shouldn’t seem all too surprising that fans have been drooling over anything related to Ocarina of Time‘s sequel. The sudden hype Nintendo’s teaser trailer created surrounding the game’s Spring release was also noticable in its fanbase. This lead to some skilled Etsy artists taking advantage of the attention surge and creating some lovely Majora themed objects.

Some of the game’s main elements were, of course, the masks which formed the base gameplay structure. Unsurprisingly, this leads to some highly detailed renditions of the game’s iconic masks, including (but not limited to), the Fierce Deity mask, the Keaton mask, and the extremely recognisable Majora’s mask. Some artists got a little more creative, taking the base formula of the mask’s aesthetics and placing those elements onto some pillows, for example. Another stunning piece is a carved and painted leather wallet, portraying Majora’s mask largely on the front, spanning both sides of the bifold.

Luckily enough, artists haven’t only been busy with Majora’s Mask 3D content. Certain persons have also been working on Hyrule Warriors inspired memorabilia. Sadly enough, the game’s launch left American fans gritting their teeth over its special edition only being released in very limited quantities, leading to some smart individuals recreating the scarf Link wears so triumphantly in Hyrule Warriors. For the hardcore fans, you can even pick up a full body Hyrule Warriors Link costume (which also comes with the scarf) and an Impa costume! Of course fans haven’t only been busy making recreations of items we can see in the game, but have also been adapting the game’s content, resulting in some surprisingly odd items, such as a hand towel modeled after the aforementioned scarf.

If what I have listed above does not thrill you at all, and you’re more interested in getting into the Christmas spirit, why not buy what is commonly known as ‘an ugly sweater’ T-shirt! Depending on what you’re into, you can get a The Legend of Zelda based shirt or a general Zelda-themed sweatshirt. Perfect for receiving socks on Christmas morning! Another possibility is that you’re just about ready to start setting up this year’s Christmas tree, but you feel like it’s lacking some Zelda ‘umph,’ why not add some Zelda inspired ornaments to the gang? I can picture it already; lounging around on my Majora’s Mask pillow covered couch in my cross-dress Impa outfit, looking at the Zelda inspired ornaments dangling from my plastic Christmas tree. Sweet, sweet, Christmas.

For pictures related to all the items I summarised above, refer to the gallery below!

Are you planning on making anything special? Or are you going to buy something from Etsy? Let us know in the comments!

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