While Link and Zelda do not have many interactions in Breath of the Wild, creative fans in the Zelda community have been working hard to flesh out the relationship and interactions between the two key characters. Through new stories and animations, a variety of creators have put their own distinct spin on Link and Zelda. In many ways, fans have done a better job of exploring the two characters than Nintendo ever did in Breath of the Wild.

This short Breath of the Wild fan animation by shar is an absolutely adorable example of how creators have given us more Link and Zelda content to enjoy. The animation depicts Zelda humming “Zelda’s Lullaby” to a sleepy canine. As Zelda is singing the song, Link softly approaches and watches her. When Zelda realizes that Link is watching her sing, she turns red and stops singing. Though less than fifteen seconds long, the animation gives little hints of the characters’ personalities. The animation shows how gentle and kind Zelda can be, while also showing Link’s admiration and affection for Zelda.

Overall, I hope that the sequel to Breath of the Wild has more scenes where Link and Zelda can interact. It was disappointing that Zelda did not have a larger role in the first game’s narrative. The memories in Breath of the Wild were some of my favorite scenes in the entire game because they provided a glimpse into how Link and Zelda’s partnership developed over the course of time. Until the sequel comes out, fans can watch some of shar’s other videos to keep them going! The creator has several other Zelda-themed videos for fans to enjoy!

What do you think of this Breath of the Wild fan animation by shar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: shar

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