Breath of the Wild has been shown to be a complex, engaging and dynamic game, in more than just breaking the traditions of the Zelda series. As explained yesterday during the IGN stream of Breath of the Wild, the enemy AI was drastically different in this game than the demo player had ever seen in a game before. The player recounted the tale of when a few Bokoblin attacked Link, and the player realized that the enemies were not going to just mindlessly sit there or charge at Link when one of the Bokoblins, weaponless, picked up rocks and began attacking Link. In another encounter, the player witnessed a Bokoblin place the tip of his spear into a fire and then go on the assault with a flaming spear.

This seemingly thinking AI means that players will have to take caution when engaging in combat, since your enemies are capable of coming up with survival solutions on the go as well. What do you think of the improved AI? Let us know in the comment section!

Source: IGN Stream

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