The various types of food in Breath of the Wild are very plentiful. From the simplest of cooked apples, to the most complicated of delicious cakes, these dishes — most of the time — look delicious. I say most of the time because not all the meals look exactly appetizing, like the Monster Curry. While this purple-looking goo might turn your stomach, it’s actually available to buy in real life from Japan.

The YouTuber known as ProZD decided a month ago to take a break from his usual kind of fun videos to try out some Breath of the Wild-branded Monster Curry, which was made available in Japanese convenient stores. Just the pre-microwave mixture alone makes ProZD think it looks like some odd bodily fluids coming from McDonald’s mascot Grimace. And post-microwave, he thinks it looks more like Grimace puked all over it. Once able to taste it, ProZD feels that it’s a very standard and stereotypical brand of curry, lacking any real flavor, with some minimal spice.

What do you think of this video? Would you ever try this brand of Monster Curry? Let us know in the comments below!

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