YouTuber FanatixFour recently uploaded a video to discuss whether 2D Zelda games on the Nintendo Switch console are really necessary. FanatixFour gets straight to the point at the beginning of the video, stating that the Switch needs more Zelda games. More specifically and importantly, more 2D Zelda games.

He openly recognizes that when the franchise made it’s move to 3D with the release of Ocarina of Time, it had retained its classic, puzzle-based dungeon format, as seen in the previous Zelda games. Fanatix states that as time moved on, Nintendo continued to create even larger games in the 3D fashion while limiting the smaller, more focused 2D games for its handheld systems.

FanatixFour sets out some great action points as he moves through his reasoning as to why 2D Zelda games should be the focus for the Switch. Even discussing what can make them more appealing to the player. He is confident that a 2D Zelda game will certainly be released on the Nintendo Switch. However, with the positive reception of Breath of the Wild taken in to account, certain changes to the gameplay should be expected.

What do you think of FanatixFour’s thoughts on the matter? What would you like to see if Nintendo did release a new 2D Zelda game for the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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