Breath of the Wild’s secrets are slowly being revealed as the game’s release date creeps closer. In this particular segment of an exclusive interview with Game Informer, Nintendo talks about the different weapons Link can wield in the game.

Given what we have seen in the trailers and the gameplay footage, it is clear that Link is not bound to using only a sword and a shield. We have seen Breath of the Wild’s Link use anything from a stick to an enemy’s arm as a weapon.

Nintendo has some interesting confirmation on how the weapons system works:

Every style of weapon has a unique set of animations and feel different
No invincible weapons in the game. – Nintendo 

This revelation of the weapon system allows players to develop their own style of gameplay, and not having a permanent weapon on hand gives players ways to strategically defeat enemies. No invincible weapons also raises the question of how much use Link can get out of the Master Sword.

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Source: Game Informer

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