Desolation and Winter in Zelda

Alright guys, got a winter-themed video for you. This one’s kind of interesting, actually, because it’s not just about one simple topic. In this video I go into a lot of detail of two different themes in the Zelda games: Desolation and winter. I do cover a couple of other things in the process though, such as the scarcity of snow and winter themes in the Zelda games, and why ice is rarely evil used as an evil element.

The bulk of this discussion however is focused on desolate themes in the Zelda games, with areas like the Haunted Wasteland from Ocarina of Time as an example, and winter themes. Both are actually not too common in Zelda and I discuss the advantages and merits of both themes and ideas on how they can be used more, as well as go over ways in which they are actually very similar and even intimately tied together. I hope you enjoy the video!

So what about you guys? What do you think of each theme – desolation and winter – when they appear in the Zelda games? Do you think they should be used more? Why or why not? Do you think they’re that related; are there other ways you can use either theme? Opinion of the video and topic in general? Tell me in the comments!

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