Like many, I freaking loved having a house in Breath of the Wild to show off all my weapons, as well as having a patch of virtual land to call my very own, tucked away in the sleepy hills of Hateno Village. I just wish I had the option to do more with it!

Perhaps its just my Animal Crossing gland shifting into hyperdrive, but I would have loved the option to decorate a house in Hyrule, or maybe even just had more spots to buy multiple homes a la Skyrim. Perhaps adding seemingly pointless asides would have been awesome, such as mild farming in your backyard to grow plants for cooking? Decorating your house with ornaments you could craft or buy? Owning and loving a pet to murder Guardians alongside you?!

Following the pet idea, wouldn’t it have been great to see the Wolf Link amiibo companion system built upon? Having Fido to come home to and play fetch could’ve been a sweet touch.

Is this something you would’ve liked to see in Breath of the Wild, or are you grateful it was only a small side quest? Did you use the house at all? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


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