Breath of the Wild not only brought back staple characters we Zelda fans know and love, it also introduced a decent list of brand new characters, many of whom have earned several fans of their own.  Arguably the two most favored of these new faces are Kass, the Rito minstrel traveling the lands to complete his teacher’s song, and Sidon, the Zora prince who guided Link to the Domain and helped him tame Vah Ruta enough to enter.  Both were adorable positive influences in Link’s journey, and both would create quite the happy fandom, should they ever return.

So, what if they did return?  And not just return, came back as companion characters, to stand and fight by Link’s side?  Kass could be the bard, with ability-boosting songs he could serenade our hero with in battle.  Sidon could be the constant source of encouragement, and carry Link across vast bodies of water – or maybe even go to depths where Link himself could not.  Who would you rather have at your side?

Ugh.  Must I choose?  Fine.  I think I’d pick…Kass.  As much as I think Sidon could be useful, having a bard would yield a wider range of potential abilities.  Sorry, Sidon!

What about you?  Which of the two would you rather have as Link’s companion?  Let us know in the comments below!


Featured image by @raaebot  on Twitter.

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