While I’ve been fearful to ultimately recognize the cold hard truth, it does feel like the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer more or less confirms (to me, anyway) that once again Princess Zelda will be placed in a more distant, damsel-in-distress role in yet another Zelda title. While I have lots of high hopes for the new game that generally feel realistic, a playable Zelda just isn’t one of them.

That being said, the newest trailer did show some imagery that makes me think perhaps Zelda and Link’s relationship will be more strongly highlighted in this year’s upcoming title. We’ve already seen imagery in other teasers before of Zelda reaching out towards the player/Link as she falls down into the darkness, but the latest trailer seems to have elaborated on this scene further. We see Link turn away from what looks like an explosion of Malice to leap forward into a chasm full of falling debris to reach out for Zelda as she falls. Over this, we hear Zelda’s plea to an unspecified higher being, “Please, lend him your power,” with the assumption that she is asking on Link’s behalf. In addition, midway through the trailer, we see Zelda wearing what seems to be like an updated version of her Goddess dress as she reaches her hand out to Link’s altered (cursed?) hand, golden light bathing them both.

All of this coupled with the first teaser from 2019 showing the pair exploring dark caverns together, it definitely gives me the sense that this game will highlight what has happened to their relationship since their reunion at the end of Breath of the Wild. Waiting for someone to help you for 100 years sure would have an impact on your attachment to that person in my book! Perhaps their relationship won’t necessarily be romantic (as it almost never is). This Link and Zelda, however, have been through a lot together. It starts with Zelda disliking Link when he is appointed her bodyguard and cultimates in her throwing herself in front of a mortally wounded Link and awakening her powers during the Calamity before sending him on to the Shrine of Resurrection as she faces Ganon alone. With all this buildup, I know I felt some significant disappointment at Breath of the Wild‘s brief ending, so I would love to see this relationship recognized further.

But what do you think? Will Link and Zelda have a more substantial relationship in Tears of the Kingdom? Or is Nintendo just playing with our hearts as always? Let us know down in the comments below!

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