Staflos and Redeads and Levers, oh my! The Zelda franchise is home to many creatures of the night. It only takes one trip to the Bottom of the Well or Arbiter’s Grounds to see the spooky monsters Zelda has to offer.

My question to you is, what one do you find the most frightening of all? Was there a certain monster that gave you the jeebies when you were younger? There are many creatures from many games to choose from. Majora‘s Mask offers a host of creeps from a man half-transformed into a Gibdo to the horrible sight that is Majora’s Wrath. The realm of Twilight offers many scary monsters like the Shadow Beasts. Or perhaps you are more afraid of A Link to the Past‘s ghostly thief Blind.

Personally, I was always frightened of the Redead in Ocarina of Time‘s Castle Town. I would take huge circles around them to avoid having them attack me. In the Royal Family Tomb I would run in a straight line from door to door in the room with the Redeads despite having to run through two acid pits this way. The damage was worth not having to look at those creeps!

Now that I am older, I know the real scary monster is any of the Guardians roaming around Hyrule Field in Breath of the Wild. I remember in my first playthrough, before I had perfected my combat abilities, the chill on my neck when I heard that piano playing. It may not have been the exact same kind of fright as a spooky monster, but it certainly sent a shiver down my spine!

Whatever ghoul gives you the gripes, I want to know! Tell me what Zelda creature you find the most revolting down in the comments below!


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