There are a few things that can usually be expected out of a good Zelda game: plenty of enemies to battle, challenging dungeons to explore, an interesting overworld, terrific music, and a quality story. While not every game has all of these to offer, most do.

When it comes to quality stories, The Legend of Zelda franchise has plenty of games with good ones. Link’s Awakening and Ocarina of Time had significant plot twists mid-game, Skyward Sword began by focusing on young love and drastically expanded from there, and Majora’s Mask literally involved the end of the world. These four are just a few of many games in the franchise that have especially good stories. In fact, few of the games in the franchise actually have noticeably weak stories. With plenty of content to choose from, it’s no doubt that anyone who has played at least a few Zelda games can point to a story that stood out to them for one reason or another.

So what do you think? Which Zelda game had your favorite story, and why? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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