There are always going to be those games that we love, our favorites, that challenged us, or presented us with a story that resonated within us. Then there are those games that we remember as our “first.” The first time we played a game of a series. The first time we played a certain genre. The first time we played a game that angered us to a point we had to set it down and walk away (curse you, Water Temple…).

What about the games that make us feel confident? That we sit down with and just know we can play, for the first time or the thousandth time, no matter what challenges we face. We don’t have to be the best, this isn’t about that. These are games that we know we are good at, we are strong at, and that is a great feeling.

As fans of the Zelda series, we have a catalog spanning thirty years, with games that inevitably fit into each of these categories, but I want to know about that one Zelda title that fits into the latter category: the one you feel most confident playing. For me, I can sit down and be confident in my ability to play my way through Breath of the Wild. I will never be the best, but I have faith that I can take on anything in that game. It may take me a while. It may be a struggle at times. Yet I still know I can do it.

So, what Zelda game makes you feel confident? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image by CaptainCrescentRoll

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