In Japan, there are multiple Zelda spin-off games that feature Tingle as the main protagonist. A strange decision, needless to say, but since these games haven’t been localized, we haven’t had a chance to really experience playing as other characters in the Zelda franchise outside of Hyrule Warriors, and being able to do this would be a lot of fun. If there’s a character that I think has a lot of potential to have their own unique spin-off, I think it would be ideal to play as a side character that doesn’t have a lot of screen time in the main games so that their spin-off game could emphasize more of their personality and give players a unique experience while feeling undeniably like the Zelda series.

My pick for a spin-off game’s character from the Zelda series is Ravio, featured in A Link Between Worlds. Ravio is one of the most interesting additions to the series, with a meaningful character arc that is important to the story. Unlike Link, he doesn’t have the same courageous qualities, causing him to run away in search of help. While this can be considered brave in its own right to know when to retreat and find assistance, this was an important part of his story and learning to be courageous in his own right and refusing to run away again. This story arc, while necessary, still leaves the door open for a spin-off game to be able to expand on his character. Since he is the equivalent of Link though, being able to follow him in his own adventures throughout a newly restored Lorule would be fascinating.

Now that Lorule is restored and no longer on the brink of death, how do the citizens fare with this information? Many of them had become bandits, so is it difficult for Lorule to enforce laws and peace again? Would Ravio play the role of peacekeeper alongside Princess Hilda? How has his interactions with Link shaped him? With their Triforce restored, would the kingdom become a target for villains to try and steal it? A story revolving around Ravio could be really fun, and any one of these story beats would be worth exploring. Ravio could also have access to all of the weapons he rented to Link in Hyrule, making his gameplay very entertaining since he would have a lot of variety. Combine this with his magical abilities and the bracelet that allows him to merge with walls, and Ravio would be a fun character to play as, even if the experience would be nearly identical to Link. Hopefully he could have some additional magical spells are abilities that weren’t featured in A Link Between Worlds to give players some new gameplay options as well. Finally, Ravio’s animal companion, Sheerow, could fly around and follow him everywhere while being the most adorable bird ever, and that alone would make me happy to play as Ravio.

What does everyone think? Which Zelda character would you want to play as in a spin-off game? Let us know in the comments!

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