Recently we at Zelda Dungeon asked you which side quests you’d like to see done away with, but what Miyamoto and Aonuma taketh away, they can also giveth more of. After all, games are getting larger and more in depth than ever before, and The Legend of Zelda is no different. Breath of the Wild showed us just how large Zelda games could be in the future and while some of the content may have been lacking, there’s no telling how many features could be expanded upon in future installments.

Take the cooking from Breath of the Wild. Many fans (myself included!) loved this addition to the game as well as some of the fun quests characters had you completing in association with it. So what if they took the simplistic version of this mechanic and added more to it? Perhaps Link could become a chef or restaurateur! Or perhaps you prefer playing match maker? Link has never had a shortage of people (both in-game and out-of-game) who fancy him. Perhaps a set of side quests allowing for a development of romance as our illustrious Editor-in-Chief Andy Spiteri once proposed would be a fun diversion? There’s no limit to what could be done in future titles, so let’s let our imaginations run wild!

What say you, Zelda fans? Which type of side quest and/or mechanic should Zelda employ more of? Get thinking in the comments below!

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