The colorful cast of faces familiar to Hyrule has grown over the years, but only a select few have been lucky enough to return for an encore after their initial appearances. Admittedly, this does well to add to the variety in our adventures that so commonly revolve around the same three Triforce representatives, but it often seems tragic to lose some our favorites just for the sake of changing things up over time. And with sequels and remakes becoming more common, perhaps this is something will soon see change.

As I see it, there are those allies who’s stories were left unfinished and those villains who were simply so interesting that it’d be a shame to never hear from them ever again. Among those who fall in the former, Fi, Midna, Ravio, and Tetra come to mind. These characters are alike in that they all have intriguing origin stories, but all have only been pursued to a very limited extent. And, some more than others, would be interesting to follow after end of their respective games.

Now there are those who came and left the world of Zelda after a long struggle against them and their forces, leaving us with the memories of a boss battle we’d love to see brought back in some way. The prime offenders here range from Majora, to Zant, to Agahnim, and all (to varying degrees) deserve a second chance in the spotlight. In Majora’s case, there are many who’d love to see its power in the distant past, or its effects on an even more powerful host. My vote, however, would have to go to our favorite usurper, Zant, as I’d love to see his powers put to use for good alongside Midna.

Beyond the characters mentioned above, there are surely many secondary characters deserving of even minor reappearances, not to mention other notable ones that do not stand out particularly strongly to me. I’m sure there are even those who want to leave the past alone, and are satisfied with leaving old NPCs, villains, allies, alone. On which side do you fall? Who’d get your vote for a return to the series? Join the Daily Debate!

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