Breath of the Wild is  a game that is certainly filled with scenic landscapes for the player to enjoy as Link traverses the vast world of Hyrule. From rolling hills to hidden valleys and snowy peaks to sandy coves, there are lots of beautiful locations to discover on Link’s adventure.

There are also some really great villages and towns to explore in the game as well! The ruins of Hyrule Castle Town can send a shiver down your spine and the Ruins of Lon Lon Ranch and the Temple of Time inspires awe and nostalgia. Kakariko Village introduces the player to what a real Sheikah tribe looks like, while we get to see the birth of the brand new Tarrey Town as it’s built from the ground up. That’s not to mention other great populated places, such as Goron City, Korok Forest, Rito Village, Lurelin Village and Hateno Village. There are also stables where Link can meet new and interesting people too!

If I had to choose, my favorite place in Breath of the Wild would be Gerudo Town. I love the hustle and bustle of the market area, the different strong personalities of the Gerudo Vai and the general layout of the town itself.

What is your favorite location in Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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