Let’s be real here: for a character that says little more than “hyah!” Link has some great facial expressions. Who says he needs to talk to convey emotions? He’s perfectly capable of expressing anything from dismay to glee.

Take our Link from The Wind Waker. His face is so expressive! When he smiles, players can almost see him chuckle. When his face goes flat and he’s not amused, we can hear him just mentally sighing with a single word: “Seriously?”

And then there’s his expressive face inĀ Breath of the Wild. His smile and victory laugh when he cooks something especially delicious makes me wish people looked at my cooking the same way. Or his fear of the giant lips of Great Fairies as they descend upon him? Ugh, makes me shudder in empathy every time.

In fact, through most of the 3D games, you catch glimpses of the hero’s personality through his silence, just by watching his face. But which iteration does it best? Which Link has the best facial expressions? Let us know in the comments below!

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