Zelda has an impressive amount of items in each of its games, ranging from useful tools to help traverse a dungeon to lifesaving… milk? Among these items are two distinct consumables usually requiring an empty bottle of some sort to contain them; Blue potions and fairies. Both of them provide some rather unique benefits to our adventuring hero.

First debuting in The Legend of Zelda, fairies have been a mainstay in the series since the very beginning. While their effects vary in each game, the two most common traits are that they restore a large amount of hearts and if you have one in your inventory upon being killed, you will be revived and regain the same number of hearts. Blue Potions first showed up in A Link to the Past (called Medicine of Life and Magic) and have also shown up in a majority of Zelda titles since. This mysterious potion restores Link to full hearts and magic power, but must be manually consumed to gain its effects. Pretty nifty, right?

So here’s our question for you fellow fans today: Which is more useful in your journey, Blue Potions or fairies and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Taylor Wells is an Original Content Writer at Zelda Informer. Want to ridicule his misuse of a Blue Potion while at both full life and magic or share in his obsession with collecting as many fairies as he can hold? Feel free to hit him up on TwitterTwitch, or in the comments below!

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