Sometimes when I play Majora’s Mask, I think about the tragic futility in Clock Town citizens fleeing to escape the crashing of the moon. Not only do I doubt they would be able to get very far, but the moon falling seems to have quite the massive range, if not destroying the entirety of the planet.

So, in that situation, when you have days or maybe even hours to live, where do you go? Where do you greet the morning that will never come? Is at the beaches of Great Bay, the valleys of Ikana, the swamps to the south, or the winter wonderland to the north? I would probably choose the swamp. It’s the most forest-like of the four, and I really enjoy the mysterious and dark yet calming atmosphere of a forest. It would help me contemplate life and find some sort of peaceful closure.

What about you? Would you choose one of those four? Would you go somewhere else like Romani Ranch? Would you stay in Clock Town? Do you think you could get far enough to survive the celestial disaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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