When it comes to love, location can be just as important as the event itself! Taking your date to a five-star seafood restaurant is great, but what if your date is allergic to fish? Many an odd conversation would follow that, I’m sure. Perhaps even a night outside on the porch instead of in a warm bed! Nothing says you care quite like knowing the best place to romance your significant other.

But that’s why we here at Zelda Dungeon ask the real questions. Since this is the Week of Love, we’re thinking of our lovely Zelda characters and all the fantastic Zelda locations. Look no further than our recent editorial on the series’ most romantic locations. There are many exotic varied places in Hyrule, Termina, Lorule, and New Hyrule! Each has their own flavor, but none draw such a beautiful picture as the islands and sapphire waters of The Wind Waker. Or perhaps an adventure through the Dark World in A Link to the Past is more your date’s cup of tea? Of course you could always take them to the Southern Swamp if a boat cruise is your thing!

So what say you Zelda fans? If you could take any Zelda character on a date, where would you take them? Let us know in the comments below!

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