I don’t know about any of you but I’ve always viewed the World of the Ocean King as an alternate dimension that exists within the material world of Wind Waker. Some think it’s simply a dream world, but there are enough features within Phantom Hourglass to suggest that this world is more real than it seems.

While voyaging on their mighty pirate ship, Link and Tetra come across a mysterious vessel enveloped in a thick fog: the Ghost Ship.

According to legend, the Ghost Ship drains the life force out of all who go near it. Tetra, who seeks to debunk the legend, jumps aboard the cursed vessel and vanishes, thus spurring Link to climb aboard after her.

Link fails, and ultimately ends up washing ashore on Mercay Island, where he meets a fairy, Ciela, who introduces us to an old man, named Oshus. After sailing through this new ocean and fighting the evil plaguing it, we come to learn Oshus’ true identity: The Ocean King.

Now that we’ve gotten a brief synopsis of the game out of the way, we can now focus our attention to in-game details. It is noted by players and third-party sources that the crests of the three Golden Goddesses are scattered around key locations within the game, Phantom Hourglass.

We know this information is true as it’s stated in the Holy Bible of the Zelda franchise, the Hyrule Historia. If you’d like to see evidence on this, then without delay, click away!

It might be hard to believe that Phantom Hourglass can take place in the same location as Wind Waker but it’s possible. We can look at the Ghost Ship,for example. Perhaps this dark vessel had caused both Link and Tetra to have the same dream, or dreams that share many of the same events.

While this is speculation, the evidence found within the Hyrule Historia as well as the game itself is more than enough to make me believe that the Goddesses created the World of the Ocean King and that it simply exists in the same reality as Wind Waker.

However, there are still many possibilities as to where this world can be found. For example, this world could simply exist wherever the Ghost Ship travels, inducing seafarers across the Great Sea into a vicious dream. Remember that all this is simply speculation so the sky’s the limit!

Where do you think Phantom Hourglass takes place? Let us know in the comments!

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