Early Zelda games are no stranger to including Easter Eggs of other Nintendo series staples. From the Yoshi Doll to the picture of Princess Peach in Link’s Awakening, Malon’s brooch in the shape of Bowser’s head in Ocarina of Time, and the Chain Chomps in Four Swords Adventures (among many others), Nintendo has had a lot of fun including nods to its other popular franchises, and in some cases, including Easter Eggs that pay homage to the success of the Zelda series as a whole.

A lot of the Easter Eggs are fun and creative, but my pick for the best one is the Lucky Lobby Ball in Tri Force Heroes. From its name alone, this ball doesn’t sound particularly useful or interesting, but when Link strikes the ball, it begins to play a song, and if it drops on the ground it releases Rupees. The Lucky Lobby Ball plays a myriad of iconic tracks from across the Zelda games at random, such as “Zelda’s Lullaby,” “Clock Town,” “Lorule Castle,” “Ballad of the Wind Fish,” and many more. The more times the Links strike the ball, the faster the tune gets, and by the time my roommates and I reached the maximum number of hits, the song was sped up so quickly that we couldn’t help but laugh at how funny it was to listen to. What I appreciate about this Easter Egg and why it stands out is because it’s a celebration of the entire series through music, rather than cameos of select characters or subtle references.

And while I had a lot of fun with Tri Force Heroes and enjoyed it as a whole, the fondest memories I have of the game are the times we wasted hitting the Lucky Lobby Ball in a corner for the sake of listening to our favorite tunes become sped up and almost unrecognizable. It’s because of the interactivity with the Easter Egg that it became so distinct and memorable for me. What about you, what’s your favorite Easter Egg in the Zelda games? Let us know in the comments!

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