One of the worst kept secrets heading into this years E3 was the unveiling of the Mario Bros. and Rabbids crossover game, Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. While the announcement may have been a bit predictable, there’s no denying that crossover makes sense, as the aesthetics of both worlds fit together quite nicely, and both series share the same quirky charm about them. I dare say I even think the game looks pretty good.

While putting Mario and Rabbids together seems like a no-brainer now, it’s a little less obvious to imagine what series The Legend of Zelda would pair well with. While Zelda’s had Hyrule Warriors, the game was still set in the Zelda universe rather than a mixing of two different worlds. I know, I know, Zelda doesn’t lend itself to cross overs the same way Mario does, but if it did, what series would be the perfect fit?

A series that comes to mind immediately would be Fire Emblem or Okami, but those are the obvious choices. Is there any series that you think would work well with Zelda? What’s your dream pairing and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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