Breath of the Wild is a game as deep as it is broad. Hyrule isn’t just massive, it hides a wealth of secrets, Easter eggs and features that continue to surprise players hours beyond their departure from The Great Plateau. Massive, snaking, elemental dragons that soar through the sky, skeletal Stalhorses that can be ridden until they crumble at the break of day and even the emergence of the rupee-snatching Great Fairys, Breath of the Wild offers a plethora of features and spectacles to keep you wayfaring.

My favourite encounter was the unassuming Fairy Fountain across the Lake of the Horse God, which unleashed the bizarre, frightful yet oddly endearing Malanya. Discovering that I could resurrect my noble steed, Brian, from his untimely demise dispelled the guilt I carried from riding his noble successor, ElFuego. But what was your stand out discovery from Breath of the Wild? Which Easter egg surprised you the most? Are you irritated you can’t lodge the ethereal Lord of the Mountain? Tell us all in the comments below!

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