Considering I didn’t experience a Zelda game myself until after I had already played the first two Super Smash Bros. titles, my fascination with the series initially stemmed from just a few characters and stages. Melee’s Great Bay, especially, captured my imagination with its mysterious iconography. Like, what was going on with that moon and those giants in the background? That said, from Brawl onward, I eagerly anticipated which Zelda locales each entry would incorporate. And though we aren’t liable to see any more DLC for Ultimate, the fighting series will undoubtedly continue one of these days.

Once that day comes, which yet-to-be-represented Zelda game would you like to see a stage from, and which location specifically? At this point, every mainline, 3D Zelda entry has received a stage, so that rules those out. Personally, I’d love to see one from A Link to the Past. We’ve already seen Smash experiment with 2D effects through its F-Zero and Duck Hunt stages — it’s time for Hyrule to get that treatment, too!

As far as which particular locale from Link’s SNES adventure deserves the spotlight, I’m going to cop out and say we’re overdue for a stage that takes us across most of Hyrule. Of course, I would prefer something more than just a flying platform with a unique background — switch up the environmental hazards with each stop. I’m talking about falling boulders at Death Mountain, angry Zora at Lake Hylia, and so forth. Perhaps the stage could even periodically shift to the Dark World, too.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. What neglected Zelda title would you like to see a stage from in the next Smash Bros. entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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