The map of Hyrule has changed a lot over the years and it’s ever evolving as the series progresses into new generations. There are a few iconic elements of Hyrule that have remained consistent across multiple games. Hyrule Castle, Castle Town, The Temple of Time, Death Mountain and Zora’s Domain are a few that come to mind immediately, but what about the locations that have only appeared in one game? Today I want to know, what is your favorite location that has only appeared once in a Zelda game?

My favorite one-time location comes straight from The Sky on Pumpkin Landing; The Lumpy Pumpkin. I did not play Skyward Sword when it first came out, and I did not truly venture into The Sky until last year’s HD remake for the Switch. So I was very excited when I flew to Pumpkin Landing for the very first time! I have a lot for love for The Lumpy Pumpkin because I have a deep love for Fall and the pumpkin shaped tavern makes me think of my favorite season. An island with a pumpkin tavern just fits the quirkiness that finds its way into the Zelda series. I would love to see it appear in another Zelda game, but if it doesn’t at least I know that The Lumpy Pumpkin is always waiting above in The Sky!

Another contender of mine is Satori Mountain in Breath of the Wild. Satori Mountain is my favorite location in that game and I could sit there watching the in-game sunset and not play at all. It’s such a beautiful and magical location. I can’t wait to see it again in Breath of the Wild 2!

Now it’s your turn! What is your favorite one-time location that has appeared in a Zelda game? Let us know in the comments below.

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